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How to Find the Best Family Lawyer

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Finding a family lawyer is more than just picking a name. You choose a family lawyer when dissolving your civil union, wanting a divorce, or seeking benefits in a domestic partnership. A family law attorney is trained to act as a mediator in such cases, fight for custody of your children, negotiate for you on cases of alimony, and get you back-owed child support. Here are four tips t help you get a competent family law attorney whenever you have any of these cases.

Personal Referrals

One great approach is to talk to people within your community who have gone through an experience that is similar to yours. If you have an issue related to sexual abuse, for example, you can talk to a women group and get to know who their lawyers were and how they rate them.

By talking to several people or groups, you increase your chances of getting numerous good leads. But never select a family lawyer solely based on the advice of a second party. Different people can have different takes on a lawyer’s personality and style. So the best time to make this critical decision is after you have met the lawyer and discussed your case thoroughly.

Lawyer Referral Services

A lawyer referral service is another critical source of this useful information. Though these services are required to be approved by the state bar association, there is a wide variation in their quality. Some of them actually screen lawyers carefully and list only qualified and experienced ones. Others list any lawyers with good standing with the state bar. This is a good alternative to personal referrals, but before you choose a family lawyer from these groups, asks them to about how they screen their attorneys and their qualifications.

Business Referrals

You can also benefit from the service of businesses that offer services to key players in the particular area of your interest. If you get in touch with family counselors and doctors, you may get the best lead. These professionals come into contact with family lawyers frequently and are able to help you to make an informed judgment.


After getting a list of lawyers, consider their respective costs. Ensure the quality of presentation that you will get is worth the amount of money that you spend. If you go to well known, better-established family lawyers, expect to pay higher. However, you can also pay lower amounts if you seek the services of equally experienced lawyers who are not well known and are not in demand. Lawyers in this category can be of great value to you.

Once you have found a few family lawyers, interview them to be able to choose one that has the best grasp of the law, is affordable, and is willing to work with you. If you need help to interview them, simply get it. You may be able to learn more information at Matrimonial Home.

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