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Truck Accidents: How to Proceed With The Legalities?

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The image of being involved in a car accident isn’t pleasant. Drivers and passengers can all be seriously injured. As bad as car accidents are, truck accidents run the risk of being worse. Trucks represent massive tons of moving steel. Victims of a negligent truck driver may experience severe trauma.

Thankfully, options exist for those seeking civil remedies. Filing a lawsuit or seeking an insurance settlement allow injured parties to recover their losses. Taking the right path after a truck accident increases the chances of receiving proper compensation. The first steps after an accident involve seeking appropriate medical care. Afterward, start the process of taking legal action.

Seek an Expert Attorney

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Personal injury attorney practices aren’t exactly difficult to find. “Personal injury,” however, covers a tremendous amount of legal ground. Potential clients need to look closely at the background and expertise of an attorney. Slip and fall litigation isn’t the same as car accident litigation. Truck accidents are different as well. You want to hire an attorney with expertise in the type of case you plan on filing. An attorney possessing experience and expertise in truck accident suits fits the description of an expert.

Meet with the Attorney

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Attorneys commonly offer no-cost initial meetings to discuss the case. A fruitful meeting with an attorney should allow you to make a clear determination about what particular lawyer to hire. The initial meetings allows you to discuss approaches on how to proceed with the case. Be prepared for the meeting. Ask pertinent questions. Make the meeting time count.

Compile All Medical and Other Bills


Attorneys require their clients to provide all necessary records necessary to file a lawsuit. Statements and records revealing financial losses and expenditures display how much money you lost or stand to lose. Past and future lost wages and medical costs, for example, need to be shown in court to establish claims. Medical records also establish just how seriously injured you were in the accident. These records help establish reasonable judgments regarding pain and suffering.

Weigh Settlement Options


An attorney handles all the formal steps associated with filing a lawsuit. Final decisions regarding whether to proceed do rest with the plaintiff. As a litigant, you must accept certain responsibilities. At some point, a settlement offer may arise. With truck accidents, the driver or company’s liability insurance provider covers losses related to negligence. Wishing to avoid litigation, the insurance company may present a generous settlement offer. Taking a settlement would end all litigation. Accepting a settlement might prove better than engaging in a lengthy court case.

Be Mindful of the Statute of Limitations

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Time isn’t on the side of someone injured in a truck accident. Lawsuits don’t gain the luxury of no statute of limitations. Depending on a particular state’s law, you may only have two years to file a lawsuit. Consider this one reason why it is necessary to speak with an attorney right away. The statute of limitations clock ticks away. Once the clock expires, you lose your right to recover losses in court.

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