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Types Of Medical Negligence Explained

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Doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners owe a duty of care to their patients. These healthcare professionals are required to perform their duties in a competent, respectful and timely manner. They are also expected to demonstrate a high level of expertise. When this does not happen, the doctors can be liable for medical negligence. Patients who suffer negligence in the hands of a medical practitioner can file a malpractice claim. Proving medical negligence requires the expertise of a personal injury lawyer alongside a medical malpractice experts witness. There are several negligent cases that could constitute medical malpractice.

Error in Anesthesia

Administration of anesthesia can pose several complications. These can range from too much anesthesia to too little. The doctor can also administer the wrong form of anesthesia. These errors can all lead to medical malpractice. However, you need to prove any of these errors to win a claim. As a victim, it is best to enlist the services of a medical malpractice lawyer. These lawyers have wide connections, and they can get a medical expert witness to shed more light on the case.

Child Birth Mistakes

During child delivery, the mother can easily suffer from an umbilical cord complication. The most common one is medically known as a ‘prolapse’. This condition poses a critical threat to both the mother and the baby. The doctors need to act speedily and perform a C-section. If the C-section is delayed, damage to the brain can occur. There are many other instances of negligence during childbirth. If any harm or death occurs are a result of delay, the patient can sue for medical malpractice. Child delivery can be a complicated procedure. To prove negligence, medical malpractice experts witness should be sought after.

Failure to Diagnose a Heart Disease

Chest pain is often one of the symptoms of coronary artery disease. When a patient is examined in an emergency room, the doctor should conduct a thorough checkup. If the patient is sent home and then suffers a heart attack and dies, the doctor can be held liable for medical malpractice. Most medical malpractice claims arise from cases of misdiagnosis. Proving a misdiagnosis is not as easy as it sounds. The courts will also factor in the medical malpractice experts witness testimonies.

Laws surrounding medical malpractice cases are complex. Victims of negligence can benefit greatly from a medical expert witness. The analysis and expertise of a medical malpractice experts witness can help the victim secure a fair compensation. There are more resources available at JD.MD.

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